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AILANG original design Adult male wrist watch men, mechanical gear S3 boundary, gear movement automatic mechanical watch 2018

$82.79 $91.99
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    1. About the watches of our stores and the pacage of watches

    All the watches in our store are of the original brand and have a high quality so you can be sure to buy.

    We will send all the watches with beautiful original box.


    2. About the small dail in the watches

    All small dial watches in our shop can work normally.

    3. The watch is waterproof
    We see waterproof properties is good, for water proof of everyday life, our watch is absolutely no problem. You can use to wash your hands, take a shower. One thing to keep in mind, however, try not to let the clock in contact with steam and hot water as it does not carry a hot bath and so on. If I look at the water If there is only a small amount of water vapor inside the watch, the water vapor will automatically disappear over time, or the use of the watch on the wrist that upside down, two hours later, water vapor will disappear automatically. If there are some drops inside the watch, you should repair the watch as soon as possible.
    4, how to make water inside the clock?

    If there is only a small amount of water vapor inside the watch, the water vapor will automatically disappear over time, or the use of the watch on the wrist that upside down, two hours later, water vapor will disappear automatically. If there are some drops inside the watch, you should repair the watch as soon as possible.

    Note 5. Special: Fully automatic mechanical watches, based on arm movement and automatic winding, so they must wear more than 8 hours a day to ensure timely and accurate. Part of the automatic mechanical watch of a chain can also manually in the chain to supplement the power, the method is under the conditions of the buttons do not pull, 15 circle clockwise. Is not automatic chain in the manual and automatic mechanical clock, can not compensate for the manual chain over power. Warning: pointer clock at 8 pm until 4 am the next day, all the time, please do not do the slow calendar adjustment, speed dial buttons and press the fast setting of the week, otherwise the phenomenon will appear Calibration is ineffective, and can make buttons for rapid myocardial damage to push back, movement will be damaged. Mechanical watches should away from the television, computers and other things with magnetic fields, so as not to affect the work of the watch.
    6. The clock time error
    See operation error including static operation (not use) and dynamic operation error (wear). Static error is clock movement under the normal operation of the error, associated with the quality of the movement itself, are also associated with human wear activities. Due to the different personal activity, the dynamic error of the clock is not the same. But why is the quartz watch an accurate mechanical watch? This is because the quartz clock use high frequency 32768Hz, quartz oscillator and ordinary mechanical clock fast oscillation frequency of 3Hz, both differ 10000 times. Frequency of the oscillator is higher, greater stability of the swing, strong anti-interference ability, ShiYue walk accurately, making the mechanical precision quartz watch. In addition, the mechanical clock due to the structure itself, subject to the effect of gravity, in a horizontal and vertical offset position and produce a poor; Spring tightening to relax, unbalanced moment, can also affect walking; So mechanical watch when accuracy is difficult compared to quartz watch.


    7. If you have any questins, please contact us first. We can solve for you sincerely want and solve for you.

    If not online or leave work, please leave a massage for us. We will respond you quikly.


    1) We accept Escrow, Ticket, Visa, MasterCard, QIWI, Western Union, Master Debit Card, WebMoney, Bank Transfer, Credit Card and any you can pay at Lommies.co.za.
    2) The Trust is the best insurance payment for you.
    3) This is the payment help center: #
    1) ment
    We support the , we can ship your order to your customer’s, please leave your license address when place the order.
    2) Delivery Time
    DHL: 4-7 days
    EMS: 7-15 days
    Hong Kong postal packages: 15-60 days
    Kindly notice: Because of rites and weather, maybe sometimes it will delay a time, but we will extend the delivery time for you, so please wait some more time with patience.
    3) Customs duties or Import Tax
    The price list does not include any tax, buyers are responsible for customs duties or import tax in your country.
    Normally, you do not need to pay any fee or tax, as we will declare a lower value on the invoice.
    Warranty and warranty
    1) 12 months warranty, buy with confidence.
    2) All items are brand new and pass quality check.
    3) If you are not satisfied when you receive it and want to return, please return within 3 days for a replacement or refund of money.
    Please contact us before you return it. (But the item must be your original condition as we ship to you)
    We will do our best to offer you a good service.
    If you have any question, please contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.
    Otherwise, we would be very grateful if you wish to contact us before leaving 1-star to $ number star feedback, you will have the pleasure of offering a satisfactory solution.

    I sincerely wish you have good shopping time and hope our product can bring more happy time. Thank you.



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