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Ceramic Knife 3 4 5 6 inch Kitchen Chef Utility Slicer Paring Ceramic Knives Peeler Set White Zirconia Blade Cooking Cutter Tool

$20.69 to $32.39
  • Color:


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    Delivery time is base on different countries and shipping methods( Normal Condition)

    * Ship to Russia: about 12-25 days (E-packet)

    Ship to Brazil: about 15-29 days (E-packet)

    Ship to Europe cointries: about 12-29 days

    Ship to United States: about 10- 25 days (E-packet)

    * Ship to other countries: about 7-45 days

    * We will ship out your order(s) within 30 hours in our store working hour. (Except Weekend or holiday)


     Myvit New Design Ceramic Knife:

    The ceramic knife delivers exceptionally less surface resistance and a ruthlessly razor sharp edge. You need to try it to believe it.


    ✓ up to 2X sharper than a steel knife
    ✓ Holds edge 10 times longer than metal
    ✓ Perfectly engineered balance
    ✓ Soft Touch Handle
    ✓ Never rusts
    ✓ Never stains
    ✓ BPA free
    ✓ Impervious to oil and odor. Leaves no aftertaste
    ✓ bacteria resistant
    ✓ No browning or oxidization of food
    ✓ Cleans easily
    ✓ Ultra-light for nimble use
    ✓ Can be used for baby food
    Ceramic knives should be used on wooden, plastic or bamboo cutting boards only. Using these knives on glass, marble, or tile can cause the blades to chip or break. These knives are ideal for cutting fruit, vegetables and boneless meats. Do not use these knives for carving, boning or prying. This can damage the knives.
    If you use the knives according to our important notice, and your knife is broken or clipped when you using it normally. please contact us, we can resend you a new one.HTB1BETMXEvrK1RjSszfq6xJNVXaoHTB1RcjOXELrK1Rjy1zbq6AenFXacHTB1zrYOXtjvK1RjSspiq6AEqXXaxHTB1qtDQXsrrK1RjSspaq6AREXXaxHTB1CtDQXsrrK1RjSspaq6AREXXat


    If you also this new desigh steel knife set, please 》click ths to buy!《



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