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Manual Coffee Mill Grinder with Ceramic Burrs,Hand Coffee Mill Coffee Bean Grinder Burr Portable Cafe Coffee Pot Bean Mill MakeR

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  • Description

    Product description

    Ceramic Adjustable Mills and Grinders
    Wolltoll Adjustable Mills are perfect in the kitchen, yet elegant enough to bring to the
    dining table. Our grinding mechanism is made of ceramic, so it won’t rust, absorb
    flavors or odors. Allow our range of Mills and Grinders, which are crafted with care
    and quality, enhance your cooking experience helping you enjoy the clean fresh
    release of flavor in or on your food. The ceramic mechanism on all the Mills and
    Grinders are on the top, which means no more salt and pepper spills on the table.
    They’re comfortable to use and you can adjust for different degrees of coarseness.

    Advanced ceramic grinding mechanism
    Advanced ceramic will never alter the flavor
    Advanced ceramic will never rust
    Durable, consistent performance
    Re-usable containers
    Delivers fresh results every time
    Handy, efficient and easy to use

    Wolltoll’s Ceramic Coffee Grinder
    Wolltoll ceramic coffee grinders features a ceramic grinding mechanism that will never
    alter the flavor of the grinds, resulting in fresh, flavorful, and pure coffee. The
    grinding mechanism is made from an advanced ceramic close in hardness to
    diamond that will never rust providing ultra long-life performance. The adjustable
    mechanism allows for fine to coarse grinds and the non-slip base ensures stability
    while grinding. This coffee mill provides the perfect grind, adjusted to your brewing
    method: course for French press; medium for drip; fine for expresso or Turkish
    coffee. Enjoy your love of coffee with a fresh grind of your choice! Two sizes to
    choose from.

    Easy to use:

    Step 1: Add the prepared coffee beans to the grinder. Please cover it with a rubber cap to prevent the coffee beans from flying out during the grinding process.
    Step 2: Rotate the handle clockwise. The coffee beans will be ground in the process and you can observe them through the glass jar.
    Step 3: Open the lid and remove the coffee powder with a coffee spoon to make a cup of fragrant coffee. The remaining coffee powder can be stored in the attached glass jar.

    Removable parts allow you to easily clean it after use, just by keeping it under running water.
    Ceramic cores do not produce unfavorable heat to coffee, nor do they produce metal odors or rust.
    The included sealed glass jar can be used to store the remaining coffee powder to keep it fresh and clean.
    The hand crank coffee grinder has a rubber mat on the bottom that allows you to keep the coffee mill steady while grinding coffee.
    Compared to the electric coffee grinder, the manual coffee grinder is quieter and does not disturb the peace of the surroundings. And you can easily grind coffee beans by hand.
    The compact hand coffee grinder ceramic burr and ergonomic handle are easy to carry, you can use it at home, or you can choose to carry it while traveling or camping, and use it to make a delicate and delicious coffee!

    Warm Tips
    1. Do not put too much bean at a time, otherwise it will heat up the mill and the flavor of the bean will be advance released during the grinding process, thus affecting the aroma of coffee.
    2. The manual coffee grinder must be cleaned after use, because the coffee beans contain oil. Otherwise the grinder will smell bad after longtime use.
    3. Do not rotate too fast when grinding. Grinding as gentle as possible so that the core does not generate heat during the process.

    Package contains:

    1x manual coffee grinder
    1x sealed glass jar

    Guarantee: If there is any problem with your order, please contact us and we will handle it for you asap!
    Click on “Add to Cart” and look forward to a coffee grinder with a laid-back afternoon!

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