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Men Watch Honhx Luxury Digital Led Watch Date Sport Outdoor Electronic Watch Male Casual Waterproof Wrist Watches Masculino #3

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  • Description

    Luxury Mens Digital LED Watch Date Sport Men Outdoor Electronic Watch

    Product selling

    meters living waterproof
    2.Digital 12/24 hour display
    3.LED luminous display mirror
    4. Show calendar is your date more clearly
    5. Adjustable alarm clock
    6. Stopwatch timing


    diameter: 55mm
    Dial thickness: 16mm
    Strap width: 22mm
    Strap length: 263mm (including case)
    Case material: Resin
    Strap material: PVC

    Instructions for

    the normal display press M, press down to a stopwatch function, according to the
    2 is the alarm settings, according to the 3 time calendar settings.
    2.When normal display time, press the S key to display the date, press the R
    button to display the alarm clock time.
    3.12/24 hour status settings: normal display, press the M button 3 times, enter
    the time adjustment status, and then press the R button 2 times into the hour to
    adjust the status, and then press the S button to adjust the 12/24 hour system.
    After setting up, then press M button to return to normal time for 1 times.
    4.Time setting: when normal display, press M button 3 times to enter the time
    adjustment state. Seconds flashing, and then press the S key, proof seconds,
    press R button, sub flashing, press the S key to sub. The same method, press the
    R button to adjust the hour, date, month, week status, after flashing in the S
    button adjustment, after all adjustments, in the M button 1 times, return to the
    normal display state.
    5.Alarm settings: normal display state, press the M button 2 times to adjust the
    alarm status, and then press the S button to adjust the hour after adjustment,
    press the R button 1 times, then press the S button to adjust the minutes after
    setting, press the M button to return to normal display state.
    6.Alarm switch settings: press the R button does not put, press the S button,
    you can choose the alarm clock on / off, the alarm clock is opened with alarm
    symbols display. When the alarm clock rings, press S to stop for a while, wait 4
    or 5 minutes after the alarm again. If you press the R button, you will turn off
    the alarm clock directly.
    7.Set the whole time setting: hold down the R key, press the M key, and select
    the full point timekeeping function to turn on / off. When the whole clock is
    turned on, the R key will be displayed all week.
    8.Stopwatch method of use: in the normal display state press the M button 1
    times to enter stopwatch function, then press the S button to start the
    stopwatch, press a S button, the stopwatch stopped, digital display. Press the R
    key to clear the number. Press the M button to return to normal display time.
    9.Button light: press the L button, the lights will be lit. Note, the long-term
    use of lanterns on the battery consumption is relatively large. The battery
    model of this type of electronic meter is CR2032.
    10.Please tear off the screen protection film before use, otherwise it seems not
    12.A waterproof: this electronic watches for ordinary waterproof, can wash,
    splash and rain. But you can’t take a bath, swim or dive, please wear it
    according to the scene.

    Package Content:

    1X Watch

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