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Outdoor Wood Stove Camping Tent Heating Stove

$300.59 to $600.29
  • Color:

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  • Description

    Outdoor Wood Stove Camping Tent Heating Stove

    * tent stove’s main functions: keeping warm in the tent, cooking outdoors and boiling water

    * Type of fuel: dry wood and withered branches (indiscriminate cutting is prohibited)

    * Long-term heating method: reduce the chimney exhaust valve and oven door intake valve accordingly, and fill the hearth with firewood, which can last for more than 8 hours.


    * Safety Matters:

    1. Ventilation must be paid attention to when tent stove is used in tents (including other enclosed spaces) to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

    2, completes the fire prevention measures, prevent fire and burns and scalds

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