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VEVOR Electric Magnetic Stirrer Portable Blender with Heating Plate 85-1/2/4/6 Heads Multi Unit Digital Mixer Display for Lab

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  • Description

    Product Description
    Magnetic stirrer,stainless steel,6 heads

    Features & Details

    • 【SIX STIRRER UNIT】- Input: 110/220V; Motor: DC Motor; One/Two/Four/Six magnetic stirrer design, can process 1/2/4/6 kinds of solutions(Max.1000ml) together or independently. Send with 1/2/4/8 stir bars for complete solution mix.
    • 【INDUSTRY STANDARD PLATE】- We adopt stainless steel to make the heating plate(accords with industry standard). Thus, it will provide quick & even heating and wipe dirt easily.
    • 【SPEED & HEATING SELECT】- All units support RT-99.9℃ heating temperature setting and adjustable 0-2000rpm stirring speed. Premium DC motor, low noise and ensures stable speed adjustment.
    • 【HIGH STABILITY & FIX】- To help fix the probe or other laboratory devices, we equip this machine with stainless steel clamp & stand. It is height adjustable with knobs at 2 side.
    • 【DIVERSE APPLICATIONS】- As a practical lab mixer machine, it is suitable for medicine, chemical, biological, environmental protection etc.

    Key Features

    • Magnetic stirrer,stainless steel,6 heads

      Elaborate Stirrer

      Have 1/2/4/8 magnetic stir bars, help to better mix the solution. Made of PTFE, these stir bars are high-temperature- & wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and with strong magnetic force.

    • Magnetic stirrer,stainless steel,6 heads


      1/2/4/6 heads hot plate design, with six power on/off switch to control. You can choose one unit to work independently or one/two/four/six units to work simultaneously. Each unit can process Max.1000ml liquid.

    • Magnetic stirrer,stainless steel,6 heads

      Stainless Steel Heating Plate

      Constructed with stainless steel, fast to heat up and anti-rust. Offer 1/2/4/6pcs of 200W heating power and RT(room temperature)-99.9℃ heating temperature.

    • Magnetic stirrer,stainless steel,6 heads

      LED Digital Display

      Large LED screen, clearly display preset & real-time heating temperature, stirring speed(0-2000rpm). All units support speed & temperature adjustment with buttons.

    • Magnetic stirrer,stainless steel,6 heads

      Convenient Probe Clamp

      Premium-quality stainless steel clamp, fix probe or other laboratory equipment firmly. It is also height adjustable to suit different needs. Great help for experiments.

    • Magnetic stirrer,stainless steel,6 heads

      Professional and Practical

      Ideal lab device, widely used in lab, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, scientific research, health, medicine and other industry.

    Magnetic stirrer,stainless steel,6 heads
    1/2/4/6 Units Magnetic Stirrer Mixer

    This is a high efficient 1/2/4/6 unit magnetic hotplate mixer for professional lab use. It combines magnetic stirring and heating function together, stable working, no vibration and no noise on use. With 1/2/4/6 units, it can stir 1/2/4/6 kinds of solution at the same time, save time and labor for you.

    • one/two/four/Six Stirrer Unit
    • Industry Standard Plate
    • Speed & Heating Select
    • High Stability & Fix


    • Input: 110/220V
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Units: 1/2/4/6
    • Heating Power: (1/2/4/6)*200W
    • Motor Power: (1/2/4/6)*25W
    • Liquid Capacity: Max.1000ml
    • Stirring Speed: 0-2000rpm
    • Heating Temperature: Room Temperature to 99.9℃
    • Motor: DC Motor
    • Main Machine Size: Between 12.5×11.5×6.2″ to 35.5 x 11.5 x 15.5″
    • Gross Weight: 2.28/4.8/11/17kg ( 5/10.5/24.2/37.5LB)

    Package Content

    • 1 x (1/2/4/6) Units Head Magnetic Stirrer
    • 1/2/4/8 x Stir Bars
    • 1 x User Manual

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