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VEVOR Electric Soft Ice Cream Maker with Compressor 1 or 3 Flavors Serve Automatic Fridge Slush Machine for Commercial Home Use

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  • Description

    Product Description
    ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H
    ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H
    Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine

    Made from paintable galvanized plate body with 2 stainless-steel hoppers, our commercial soft ice cream machine with shortage warning is simple to clean and built to last. The large capacity of 2 x 6L and high production of 20-30 L/H makes this professional ice cream machine perfect for cold drink chain stores, bars, fast food stores, and other catering industries. Without trivial steps, soft ice cream, yogurt, or sorbet can be made in a short period.

    • Updated Material
    • High Yield & Flavors
    • Powerful Compressor
    • Intelligent Control
    • Intimate Details

    élévateur magnétique,100kg,jaune
    Tough Equipment & Tools, Pay Less

    VEVOR is a leading brand that specializes in equipment and tools. Along with thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing our customers with tough equipment & tools at incredibly low prices. Today, VEVOR’s products are sold in more than 200 countries and regions with 10 million plus members worldwide.

    Why Choose VEVOR?
    • Premium Tough Quality
    • Incredibly Low Prices
    • Fast & Secure Delivery
    • 30-Day Free Returns
    • 24/7 Attentive Service

    Key Features

    • ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H

      Premium Galvanized Plate & Stainless Steel

      Our product’s body was built with paintable galvanized plate, yet two hoppers adopted rust-resistant stainless steel, which enjoys a prolonged service life.

    • ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H

      20-30 L/H High Yield

      Equipped with 2 x 6L hoppers, the production can reach up to 20-30L/H. In other words, you may effectively make about 370 ice creams in an hour. Higher yield, higher profits! P.S. Material shortage warning is also equipped.

    • ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H

      2+1 Flavors

      Puffing technology made outstanding contributions to the delicate and silky palate of ice creams. Here we offer three flavors (2 single flavors & 1 mixed flavor) to meet different tastes.

    • ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H

      Reliable Brand Compressor

      As a strong “heart”, the brand compressor was chosen for this ice cream machine, featuring reliable cooling, low-noise, energy conservation, and emission reduction.

    • ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H

      Convenient LED Panel

      You can freely control the machine with this LED panel of multiple functions. The pre-cooling function makes the ice cream quickly after startup. Besides, one-click cleaning enables automatic machine cleaning.

    • ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H

      Well-Designed Details 

      Our product is user-friendly due to the ergonomic handles, air vents, detachable drip tray, and universal wheels. Widely applied in restaurants, cafes, and other places with great needs.

    ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H

    • Material: Galvanized Plate & Stainless Steel
    • Capacity: 2 x 6L (2 x 1.3 Gal)
    • Production: 20-30L/H (4.4-6.6 Gal/H)
    • Refrigerant: R410a
    • Model: YKF-9228
    • Power: 2300 W
    • Voltage: 110/220V,50Hz
    • Weight: 133 KG (294 LBS)
    • Product Size: 21.3″ x 26.6″ x 53.5″ (540 x 676 x 1360 MM)

    ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H
    Package Content

    • 1 x Soft Ice Cream Machine, 1 x Cone Holder, 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Sealing Ring Kit, 5 x Fixing Nuts
    • 1 x Outlet Mold, 2 x Expansion Tubes
    • 1 x Edible Vaseline, 1 x Valve, 2 x Stirring Shafts, 1 x Water Box, 3 x Handles

    ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H

    • Material: Galvanized Plate & Stainless Steel
    • Capacity: 3.9L (1.0 Gal)
    • Production: 13L/H (3.4 Gal/H)
    • Refrigerant: R410a
    • Model: D200
    • Power: 1200 W
    • Voltage: 110V/50Hz
    • Weight: 90.4 lbs (41 kg)
    • Product Size: 28.0″x8.7″x28.7″ (710x220x730 mm)

    ice cream machine,3 flavors,20-30 L/H
    Package Content

    • 1 x Soft Ice Cream Machine
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Set of Installation Tools

    Features & Details

    • 【UPDATED MATERIAL】- Galvanized plate adopted by our auto ice cream maker decorated the body with an exquisite and paintable appearance. Two 6L hoppers were constructed with food-grade stainless steel, which does not rust or corrode, assuring a healthy and hygienic condition.
    • 【HIGH YIELD & 3 FLAVORS】- To satisfy the needs of daily ice creams, this soft-serve ice cream machine designed with 2 x 6L capacity is qualified for producing ice creams up to 20-30 L/H. With the shortage warning, you can use it at ease. For various tastes, three flavors are offered here, including two single flavors and one mixed flavor.
    • 【POWERFUL COMRESSOR】- Due to the high efficient 2300-watt compressor, our soft serve maker is of lower noise, rapid cooling, and low power consumption. Meanwhile, R410a refrigerant makes ice cream production more energy-saving.
    • 【INTELLIGENT CONTROL】- A convenient LED panel attached to this ice cream maker possesses multiple functions. E.g., pre-cooling & self-cleaning. The pre-cooling process can improve efficiency and keeps the ingredient fresh. With a mere one press, the machine can clean itself up easily.
    • 【INTIMATE DETAILS】- Considering the well-designed handles, air vents, detachable drip tray, and universal wheels, every part and detail was given enough heed for your satisfaction. Our soft serve ice cream maker is perfect for commercial use or home use, especially for bars, cafes, dessert shops, etc.

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